Dental implants are an innovative and realistic solution for missing teeth replacement and and are the preferred method for many patients. However, some patients are reluctant to receive dental implants due to the costs involved with this state-of-the-art technology, which is why many people are considering getting dental implants overseas. 

Dental Implant Procedure

Before you consider dental tourism for getting your dental implants, it is important to understand the procedure and what to expect after receiving your implants. Get more information

Dental implants are a permanent alternative to dentures or bridges for replacing missing teeth, but before the implant can be inserted, the tooth has to be removed and the gum and jawbone prepared. This can sometimes mean additional surgeries such as a bone graft or sinus lift to stabilise and support the jaw.

During the implant procedure, your dentist will make an incision in the gum to expose the jaw and drill a small hole into the jaw to screw in the titanium implant. The incision is then closed and sutured and needs to heal to allow the biocompatible titanium post to bond with the bone. This can take weeks or months depending on the immune system of the patient.

Once the implant is stable, the patient will have an abutment attached to the implant and an artificial crown placed on top. If you are receiving All-on-4 implants or an implant supported bridge, multiple crowns will be attached to the implant.


Costs of Dental Implants Overseas

The cost of getting a dental implant overseas in places such as India, Thailand or Bali can be up to 50% less than the cost of getting dental implants in Australia, which is why it is so appealing for many patients. However, the price of an overseas dental implant varies according to the dentist and the materials used.

Other costs to factor in when considering getting an overseas dental implant are the prices of flights which change throughout the year, the cost of accommodation and food during your stay as well as any spending money you are likely to need while you are there. And because you may need to extend your stay as flying is not recommended after surgery, you may need to factor in lost income if your annual or sick leave doesn’t cover the length of your stay.

If you require additional surgeries, you will incur an extra cost for anaesthesia and specialised maxillofacial surgeons. Find out more

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Risks of Dental Tourism

There are numerous risks involved with getting a dental implant overseas due to the difference in standards and regulations by the dental governing bodies in each country. Some countries do not regulate the materials used for dental implants as strictly as the Australian Dental Association, meaning that your overseas dental implant may be of lower quality and more prone to damage.

The hygiene practices in the dental facilities may also not be held to the same high standards as Australian dentists; this can mean that you are at risk of infection from unknown bacteria and viruses found on contaminated instruments and surfaces.

It is also recommended that you refrain from air travel immediately after surgery as you may be at an increased risk of developing life threatening blood clots.

If you have allergies to certain medications or a complex medical history, an overseas dentist does not have access to your medical records and may be unable to accurately and safely prescribe medications putting you at risk of surgical and post-surgical complications.


Affordable Dental Implants in Australia

Considering the hidden costs of getting dental implants overseas, it is more cost effective and safe to have your implants placed in Australia, where you can expect an outstanding level of care.

While dental implants are more expensive than many other cosmetic dental procedures, they are designed to last, provide structural stability to the jaw and offer the most realistic look and feel of all the missing teeth replacement options.

Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover cosmetic dental procedures. However, you may be eligible for coverage through your private health fund, so check your current policy and talk with your provider about your coverage options. Explore in more detail


Final Thoughts

Dental implants are a more natural feeling alternative to dentures and bridges and are a worthwhile investment in the health and appearance of your teeth, as well as your self-confidence. Though they may be more costly at the outset, their performance and longevity mean that you can enjoy the full function of your teeth and have a smile you are proud to share.

If you are interested in dental implants, talk to our experienced staff at Southern Smile on (02) 8503 9902 to book a consultation and find out about our affordable payment options.


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