Many patients experience anxiety about visiting a dentist, and if you are one of them, you’ll be pleased to know that IV sedation dentistry enables you to be relaxed enough to have dental treatment. Today we’re going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about, and what factors influence IV sedation dentistry cost.

What Is IV Sedation Dentistry?

Intravenous sedation dentistry is the administration of sedatives intravenously or by injection. Your dentist will give you just enough to induce the desired level of drowsiness to keep you relaxed while he or she gets to work in your mouth.

You will still have anaesthetic to numb your mouth for the treatment. The sedative is purely to help manage your anxiety and keep you in a relaxed state.

One of the biggest sedation benefits is that you can have a very relaxed experience and then snap out of it when the dental procedure is over, not remembering anything.


Will I Be Asleep?

This question comes up because sedation dentistry is sometimes referred to as twilight or sleep dentistry, although sleep dentistry is not actually an accurate description of what is happening.


If you are sedated you are not asleep, although some patients in moderate to deep sedation may nod off during the procedure, it is possible to wake you with a gentle shake. This is not the same as being under anaesthetic, where you have to wait for the anaesthetic to wear off before you regain consciousness.


What Does Intravenous Sedation Cost?

The cost of sedation dentistry depends on a number of factors that are patient-specific. The total cost will depend on the complexity of your procedure and the amount of sedative required to keep you under for the duration of your treatment.

Intravenous sedation – For whom is it suitable?

Sedation dentistry is used by a range of people from all walks of life. It is suitable for patients who:

  • Have a fear of the dentist, needles or the medical environment
  • Have a strong gag reflex
  • Have tooth or gum sensitivity
  • Are having complex or lengthy procedures
  • Have experienced dental trauma
  • Are sensitive to pain
Dental Patient

How Much Sedative Will I Be Given?

The answer to this depends very much on the patient, and the level of sedation required. It is possible to achieve light, moderate or deep sedation, according to the level of dental anxiety you experience.


Light sedation is often achieved through the administration of laughing gas, and this is inhaled through a mask placed over your nose and mouth.


Moderate intravenous sedation is achieved intravenously. Usually, patients can do as directed by the dentist but they won’t necessarily remember any of the details about the procedure.


Your dentist will discuss your anxiety with you, taking into account the amount of work to be done. Of course, routine dental cleaning will require a lower dose of sedative than tooth restorations or dental implants.


It is not uncommon to do a trial, to see how you respond to the sedative before you go ahead with your treatment. Another one of the sedation benefits is that the dose can be adjusted during the procedure too, so if you do need a little more it is relatively easy for your dentist to top it up.


Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Sedation dentistry is considered a generally safe procedure when it is performed by a suitably qualified and experienced sedation dentist. In the event that you are obese or suffer from sleep apnoea, your dentist may recommend alternatives as there are complications that can arise when a patient has either of these conditions.


As is the case with any procedure, there are some associated risks to be aware of. Your dentist will screen you prior to treatment but it does help to be informed.


What If I Am Not Anxious Enough?

There is no benchmark for measuring anxiety. At Southern Smiles Dental our aim is to help our patients feel relaxed and for the treatment to go smoothly. If our patients feel they need to be sedated to achieve that, we support them. It is entirely your choice whether you are sedated or not.


Can Children Have Intravenous Sedation Dentistry?

Yes, in fact, sedation dentistry is very effective for children because keeping your mouth open when you are a child is quite a tiring thing. It can also be quite scary for kids and if they are sedated they won’t remember any of the details from the procedure. Children also fidget and shift around a lot and by being sedated can help your dentist to finish the job a little quicker.


Does IV Sedation Cost A Lot?

In many cases, sedation dentistry can reduce costs by simplifying and shortening a procedure that would otherwise have been done in two sessions. If you consider the true cost of not having the treatment done, sedation dentistry is worth the investment.


It’s always best to speak to a professional. To find out more about what you can expect to pay for sedation dentistry and how it can improve your dental experience please contact us: 02 8503 9902.

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