Pola Luminate 6% HPTeeth Whitening Pen 5.5ml


  • Portable, rechargable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the Pola LED mouthpiece
  • Unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content assists in reducing sensitivity
  • From 20 minutes a day (2x 10 or 2x 15 minute treatments a day) for 5 days
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Brush on and go!

  • No trays required – quick & easy professional tooth whitening
  • 6% hydrogen peroxide
  • Only 30 minutes twice a day
  • Over 60 applications – 5.5mL tube

Pola Luminate is a professional grade tooth whitening pen and is painted directly onto your teeth without the need for bleach trays. You can apply Pola Luminate whenever you wish at any time during the day or night. The low viscosity fast drying gel enables a film to form on the tooth surface with minimal drying time so no one will notice you have Pola Luminate on. You can choose to whiten one single tooth or to complete your smile.

Each tube of Pola Luminate holds 5.5ml of whitening gel that can provide over 60 applications. Designed to fit easily into your pocket or handbag to be used wherever you find convenient.

Pola Luminate is a great touch up procedure for patients who have already whitened their teeth before to maintain that bright, white pola smile.

Additional information


1. Blot dry the front surface of teeth with a tissue.
2. Whilst retracting the lips, apply a thin layer of Pola Luminate solution to the front surfaces of the teeth, re-loading brush as required.
3. After application do not let your lips touch your teeth for 30 seconds to ensure a thin whitening film forms on the teeth.
4. Leave Pola Luminate solution on teeth for a minimum of 30 minutes.
5. Do not eat or drink during this time to maximize results.
6. Use Pola Luminate twice a day for 2 weeks for best results.


A warranty period of one (1) year is provided for the Pola LED mouthpiece. Please retain proof of purchase for you to claim the warranty.


For health reasons, medicated dental products CAN NOT be returned or exchanged.
If you received a parcel that is damaged, please take your parcel and proof of purchase (your invoice) to your local Australia Post Office. They will be able to assist with the investigation.
If the product is faulty, please contact us immediately. Depending on the product's manufacturer's policy for the product, we may be able to offer either a replacement, refund, exchange or place you in contact with the manufacturer for warranty support.

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