We understand why many patients are concerned about how much sleep dentistry will cost. Phobias and anxiety related to dental procedures aren’t something that only affects children – many adults silently have to deal with the problem too. Fortunately, advanced dental facilities, such as Southern Smiles Dental offer a number of sedation options that anxious patients can benefit from. These options can help you relax in the dental chair, leaving all your worries behind. Sedation dentistry also helps patients gain the motivation needed to visit the dental clinic, especially if they were previously in the habit of deliberately postponing routine check-ups.

There are numerous ways in which IV sedation benefits severely anxious patients. From multiple wisdom teeth extractions to implant surgeries, from root canal treatments to root planning – dentists can perform just about any procedure while the patient peacefully rests in the dentist’s chair!

Understanding the price and the procedure

It is important to understand that how much sleep dentistry will cost depends upon the time required to complete the dental procedure. This gives anaesthesiologists an estimate of how much of the drug needs to be administered, and what method is most suitable for the patient. In Australia, the average cost of IV sedation can range anywhere between $850 and $1600.

In case of sleep dentistry, a professional has to be present at the clinic whose job is to monitor your vitals while the surgeons perform the treatment. This adds to the cost as well. Therefore, one can safely assume that for a short duration procedure, such as simple extraction of an impacted molar, the price will of course be much less as compared to that for multiple root canal procedures.

Sleep dentistry sedation administration

Sleep dentistry through IV sedation is performed by licensed anaesthesiologists at the dental clinic. This is necessary because when you are sedated, your vitals require constant monitoring. The administration involves the insertion of a tiny needle into a vein located at the back of your hand, or at your inner elbow.

Dental Patient

Once the drug is injected into your system, you’ll start feeling light-headed, calm and drowsy. You’ll experience a feeling very similar to when you’re very, very sleepy. This is known as twilight sedation. Twilight sedation is a state in which  you’re not neither unconscious, nor fully awake. You will however, be able to follow simple instructions from your dentist during the surgery, but you probably won’t remember any part of it once the effects of the drug start to subside. Your sleep dentistry cost covers the drug administration, as well as all the care you will receive at the clinic during the procedure.

IV Sedation benefits

Most dental procedures can be carried out using local anaesthesia or nerve blocks. IV sedation or twilight sedation is an option made available specifically with the needs of severely anxious patients in mind. We understand that there are many people who shudder at the mere thought of visiting a clinic, let alone sitting in a dental chair and getting a procedure done. For such patients, IV sedation is the perfect solution. Often combined with nitrous oxide, this form of sedation

  • Ensures that the patient will feel calm and comfortable throughout the  surgery
  • Leaves little or no memory of the procedure with the patient once the anaesthesia wears off
  • Allows patients to calm down and forget all about their anxiety prior to the surgery
  • Does not leave any unpleasant memories of the treatment with the patient, helping them feel less anxious and more confident for the next time they visit the clinic

The IV Sedation also holds multiple benefits for the dental surgeons, the most prominent of them being the fact that they can perform surgery with no interruptions, and without worrying about the anaesthesia wearing off.

Preparing for IV Sedation, or Sleep Dentistry

With all the information including sleep dentistry cost and eligibility criteria in mind, once you decide to book an appointment, there are a few things you must keep in mind. Because the recovery period for twilight sedation is much longer than local anaesthesia, you’ll need a family member or friend to accompany you to the clinic on the day of your appointment. They can remain by your side while the effects of the drug wear off, and safely drive you home. There is no need to be concerned about having no memory of the procedure – this is one of the desirable effects of sleep dentistry. It will not alter your short-term or long-term memory in any other way. Rest assured that you are in safe hands, and the sedation method you have opted for is an FDA approved technique for highly effective management of anxious patients!

If you wish to learn more about sleep dentistry cost and procedures, feel free to get in touch with our team at Southern Smiles Dental!

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